NKD100 Salt Nicotine By Naked E-Liquid 30ML


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NKD100 Salt Nicotine By Naked E-Liquid 30ML
  • American Patriots takes you on a ride with a classic tobacco cut, featuring a full-bodied rich tobacco blend with firm, full rounded.
    • Brain Freeze is refreshing on a whole new level, featuring perfectly ripe Strawberries and crisp Kiwi, backed with subtle yet complex Ruby Red Pomegranate essence, all served ice cold..
    • Frost Bite is the perfect tropical refreshment, taking sweet and tart Pineapple, rich Cantaloupe, and smooth Honeydew slices.
    • Lava Flow provides an escape to that tropical island and is now available in Salt Nicotine, offering the same delicious flavor for use in pod-based systems. 
    • Really Berry is not your typical berry flavor, presenting an explosion of sweet.
    • Amazing Mango takes a mango, peach, and cream smoothie and translates it into portable form, with a refreshing, sweet, and creamy profile perfect as an all-day vape.
    • Green Blast pairs honeydew sweetness with the juicy, fresh tartness of fresh kiwi, finishing with a crispness of a granny smith apple that results in a fruit experience unlike any you've ever had!
    • Hawaiian POG brings the tropics right to your taste buds, presenting a smooth.
    • Very Cool takes freshly picked Blueberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries, flash freezes them.